"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. "–Mark Twain

November 11, 2009 was the day I found out why I was born.  It was the day I lost my daughter, Jade Alexandra.  


During early adulthood, I settled into a career in the DC Area and met my future husband (Chris). When I met Chris my heart skipped a beat, and it still does.  Our Paths crossed a few more times and about four years later the universe showed us our way. We dated for a few years, were married, and a few years after that, I was pregnant with identical twins.  Far too early into the pregnancy I was plagued with pre-term labor and a life threatening infection.  After 4 weeks in the hospital, my body failed.  


At 3:35 AM on the morning of November 9, 2009, our girls were born into this world 13 weeks too soon, weighing only 2 lbs 4 ounces and 1 lb 10 ounces.  Two days after birth our eldest twin, Jade Alexandra passed away.  This was the day that I found out why I was born, albeit not immediately but with utmost certainty. 


God gave me two miracles, but graced my earthly life with one.  The probablity of having identical twins is not at all related to coincidence. It was Gods work of being truly merciful to spare us from complete brokeness. Chloe made it evident from the minute she entered this world she was something amazingly special. She is built from true grace, true grit, a lot of fight, and overall iron deterimination.  She is my idol.  After 88 long days and nights in the NICU, our miracle, Chloe Quinn, left.  She was just under 6 lbs, and completely ready to fill our lives with adventure, fun, laughter and chaos. 


A few months later, I learned I was pregnant with our son.  This was truly against all medical odds.  I know that Jade and God devised a plan from up there.  In my experience, the loss of a child is a unrelenting pain that only grows more intense with time.  As I see the amazing little Chloe flourish, I constantly wonder: What would Jade be like? How would she be different? Would she like the same things as Chloe?  And as much humor and love that my son Lane brings to our family, we all feel the void.  We always will.

On the day we lost Jade, we all found ourselves at a crossroads. When you go through something like that, going back to the same life just isn't possible.  We needed change, and to create a better future.  Our now family of 4 embarked on a new adventure in Naples, FL.  Our children are flourishing, our lives move a lot slower, our patience has grown bigger, and let's be honest - a day at the beach is just good for the soul.  It inspired me to start making jewelry influenced by my environment.


Creating jewelry presents the opportunity to be expressive, artistic, and manifest pieces that I have dreamed about, but have never been able to find.  I've learned new techniques and refined older ones.  All along the way I've enjoyed every minute of it.Most importantly it allows me to create in Jade's honor and to seek healing.  

I believe we were all created for a purpose and I believe the universe is the mechanism by which our purpose or life plan is executed.  I don't believe that coincidence has any part in it. My story, or my plan, like everyone's else's, has good times and bad times, happy times and sad times that were crippling emotionally, and sometimes even physically.  Some hurt for mere moments, and some will hurt until the day I leave this earth.  Some do not come with any relief. You will never know what others are carrying and time does not heal all wounds.  Our wounds that get more intense with time tend to be the mechanisms by which we are shown the reason why we were born. 


I design with your stories and journeys in mind and I hope you love the creations as much as I do.   I am a true believer that it would be nearly impossible to have too many bangles on your wrist or that layering necklaces isn't always a great idea (just keep them themed and dainty). 

We have one favor to ask of you:  

When you wear Jade Alexandra jewelry, reflect on the day that you found out why you were born! If that day is in your past, wear our pieces to symbolize your wisdom.  If that day is in your future, wear our pieces to maintain your strength and focus.  
Most importantly of course, wear our jewelry to keep our angel, Jade Alexandra, on your shoulder.   She is pretty amazing and we feel blessed to be able to share her with you.   


Lane & Chloe