The JA Bangle Collection

The Jade Alexandra Jewelry Bangle Collection blossomed from a significant bracelet obsession that was limited due to the sizes of my wrists! I saw countless beautiful bangles in the stores that I eventually stopped even trying on. I could tell just by looking they were going to slide right off! I also saw beautiful stones and styles that I loved, but needed a little tweaking to be absolutely perfect!

And so the bracelet bangle making began and the quest to find beautiful and unique gems and stones overtook me! I continue to love and making as many bangles as possible - they are always eye catching and I receive tons of compliments; however, I like to mix and match to add some character! I love the juxtaposition of a chunky bangle with a thin delicately beaded bracelet, and a rope bracelet for additional contrast.

Thus the bangle obsession still lives strong, but has evolved into a full blow love of bracelets - beaded, rope, geode, druzy, wrap and spiky - thus the Bracelet Collections were born!

Stack as many as you dare, or as many as your look needs! These are comfortable to stack but are never short in making a statement.

We will continue to say our prayers for shorter sleeves and longer arms!

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