The Necklace Collections

The Bangle Collection

The Jade Alexandra Jewelry Bangle Collection blossomed from a significant bracelet obsession that was limited due to the sizes of my wrists! I saw countless beautiful bangles in the stores that I eventually stopped even trying on. I could tell just by looking they were going to slide right off! I also saw beautiful stones and styles that I loved, but needed a little tweaking to be absolutely perfect!

And so the bracelet bangle making began and the quest to find beautiful and unique gems and stones overtook me! I love the juxtaposition of a chunky bangle with a thin delicately beaded bracelet, and a rope bracelet for additional contrast.  Thus the bangle obsession still lives strong, but has evolved into a full blow love of bracelets - beaded, rope, geode, druzy, wrap and spiky - thus the Bracelet Collections were born!


The Rope Collection

The Jade Alexandra Rope Collection is totally fun and sophisticated at the same time! Especially in Gold!

These bracelets are constructed from 10 mm Nylon Braided Trim Rope Cord / Semisoft Round Climbing Cord Straight from Greece. It is quite soft and these look perfect with anything and everything! 

The end caps are gold or silver medal (an option you may specify).The clasps are corresponding to the caps in gold or silver, as are the decorative coins. There are two different sizes in the coins as noted in the description.

The Bead Collection

For the Jade Alexandra bead collection we personally select only quality supplies - to include TOHO Japanese beads which have an acclaimed reputation for being the leader in top quality seed beads.

Each JA Beaded Bracelet product description will include accurate information detailing the materials used to construct the product, as well as any additional option information (sizes or wire color).

For the JA Beaded Collection (that are not made from Stretch Magic cord), we exclusively leverage silver plated wire from "Artistic Wire". The copper is silver plated and then finished with an anti-tarnish top coat which retains the bright silver plating look. For the gold bangles, we execlusively leverage the same 20g Artistic Wire silver plated, followed by the application of a gold tone and finished with a top coat. Artistic Wire describes their selected gold tone as mirroring a 24K sample. The process for the Rose Gold wire is the same as that for the true gold color.  All clasps and all other findings are silver plated and we only use silk made in the U.S.A tassles, which retain their shape, color and elegance wear after wear.


The Druzy Collection

The Jade Alexandra Druzy Collection adds just enough sparkle with timeless sophistication.  Never a bad choice and just enough to add a little bit of personality to your outfit.  If you are daring, go ahead and stack a few bangles with your druzy for a drool worthy look. 

The Geode Collection

The Jade Alexandra Geode Collection can be soft or it can be bold. No two Geodes are alike so we have a variety of styles and color combinations depending upon your preference. The Geode collection can be everything to everyone.   That's what makes it so special! 

The Macrame Collection

The Jade Alexandra Macrame Collection was our original brain child.  We consider macrame to be our roots with an earthy style and just a little bit of bling. You can dress these up or dress them down, but irrespective, they will always be cool regardless of the decade. They have survived the 70's and are alive in well today in 2016! Who else can claim such a feat?!?