Thank you for your interest in Jade Alexandra Jewelry. We are committed to providing hand made, high quality products, all of which are created in beautiful Naples, FL. We encourage you to read our story, so you know the meaning behind us, and the meaning by all of the items that we create.  It explains how we got here, why we do this, and a special message that your jewelry will bring to you each and every time you wear it.


When you wear Jade Alexandra jewelry, reflect on the day that you found out why you were born. If that day is in your past, wear our pieces to symbolize your wisdom and courage. If that day is in your future, wear our pieces to maintain your strength and focus.

Most importantly , wear our jewelry to keep our angel, Jade Alexandra, on your shoulder. She is pretty amazing and we feel blessed to share her with you.  Live your Life. Love the Beach. Know you have an Angel.


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